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"Néstor Gorojovsky". Wow, there's a blast from the past! Great to hear.
This all sounds very positive. I hope it is a realistic assessment of what
is going on.


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> Report from Bolivian Trade Unionists
> 7:50 pm local time
> La Paz Bolivia, The masses who demand the return of EVO, in the Alto area,
> gained control of the police weapons depot there. The police in the Alto
> area have surrendered. Currently the masses are advancing on the city of La
> Paz.  The police who are in La Paz are asking the masses in support of Evo
> to avoid armed confrontations. They want to negotiate their surrender with
> the masses loyal to Evo. *In the next few hours the return of the
> legitimate President of Bolivia to his post of command is expected.
> 1.- 1st Vice-President of the Bolivian Congress (MAS militant) Clarifies
> that she has not resigned, therefore, by order of succession she is the
> President of that institution and takes the decision to suspend the
> Congressional session. The right is bogged down.
> 2.- The main workers' unions call to dismantle the coup, otherwise they
> will go on general strike and paralyze the country.
> 3. The main Campesino union center begins to block the country's
> highways...pressuring the right to dismantle the coup.
> 4. Countries like Mexico, Argentina (President-elect), Paraguay, Venezuela,
> Nicaragua, Spain...emphasize that the coup must be dismantled...
> 5. World mobilization of political parties, social and trade union
> organizations, intellectuals, artists, human rights organizations demand
> the dismantling of the coup d'état.
> 6. The Police Force has been divided...a large number of police have joined
> the anti-coup forces....
> These elements are strongly influencing the weakening of the right-wing
> fascist forces that executed the coup d'état...so that in the next few
> hours...according to international analysts the coup could be dismantled.
> 🎙: 🤗🤗
> Viva Bolivia 🇧🇴
> Viva Evo
> Report by fellow trade unionists in Bolivia."
> Sent to me by Néstor Gorojovsky.
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