[Marxism] Going back and forth with Chomsky

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 16 14:32:28 MST 2019

I'll give him credit for answering my emails yesterday and today but 
little else.


On 11/16/19 4:14 PM, Chomsky, Noam - (noamchomsky) wrote:
 > I hope you are able to understand that Steele took no position on 
what actually happened at Douma, but (like the statement) was discussing 
something different.

Do you actually think that Jonathan Steele was interested in an 
impartial investigation? If so, the Courage Foundation that is 
essentially run by John Pilger, a hardened Assad supporter, would have 
had people more like you, Bustani and Von Sponeck as signatories. My 
guess is that he couldn't find anybody except you 3 to lend their names.

The attempt to portray Douma as a "false flag" is not exactly something 
that impartial scientists get involved with. In fact, Ted Postol who you 
have endorsed for his views on chemical attacks, had an article on Douma 
rejected by the peer-review journal upon whose editorial board he sat. 
When this genius Ted Postol began defending Assad against the charges of 
using sarin gas, guess whose chemical expertise he relied on. Nobody at 
MIT as it happens. Instead he endorsed Marian Susli, aka "The Syrian 
Girl", who has made multiple appearances on David Duke's TV show.

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