[Marxism] [SUSPICIOUS MESSAGE] Committee for a Workers' International - Split Documents

Isaac B isaacbl1998 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 19:56:57 MST 2019

I've been spending the past number of weeks trying to compile as many
documents as I can with regards to the year-long faction fight in the
Committee for a Workers' International, which has up to now resulted
in what I think in a number of splits, the main ones being between the
Taaffe minority and the anti-Taaffe alliance, and between the group in
Ireland now called RISE, whose public representative is Paul Murphy.
On top of a split in Socialist Alternative in the US in 2018, there
appears to be another split impending between the "left" and "right"
factions still left in there, though I have no documents for that

The meaty part of the debate (politically speaking) seems to have
happened between the factions in Ireland, with the debate between the
two international groupings being rather repetitive and increasingly
hysterical after the first few.

I've compiled as many as I could find into a Google Drive for comrades
to read at their pleasure. I've also tried to organise them
thematically (General Analysis, Programme, Democracy, Issues of
Oppression, United Front) but given the nature of the documents that
was generally an imperfect system. I also didn't organise them by
release, so there could be cases where you're reading a document
that's responding to a document further into the folder. I might fix
that later if I get the time and can figure out their chronological
order (some documents are not dated).

The archive of documents is also far from complete. There are some
"Part 2" documents in there to which I don't have the "Part 1", and in
some documents there are references to different documents (which seem
to be of some importance) which I have so far been unable to fine. In
total there are 51 documents which I've found thus far, the majority
of which I've grouped under the general heading of "Democracy", though
in reality some of them are just individuals having at eachother

The two main reasons I've decided to dedicate some time to this is,
firstly, the principle of the matter. There should be no secret
debates in the workers' movement. Secondly, I think the politics of
some of these documents is quite good - and new - and therefore worth
spreading around for people to engage with. I might do a "collector's
choice" edition of the CWI documents where I pick out the "good" ones
and the responses to them at a later date.

For people wanting to pick out the more interesting political
documents without wading through hundreds of thousands of words - I
would recommend looking at the United Front and Programme folders,
reading the document on the "Dual Task" in the Analysis folder, and
taking a look at the debate on women's oppression in the Oppression
folder. There are some interesting documents under Democracy as well
but it seems to me to boil down to the same old democracy debates that
have been spun around the Trotskyist left historically. The documents
there I would highly recommend are "Out of the Clear Blue Sky" and
"The absence of democracy in the party: Some historical context".


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