[Marxism] Iran: Economic Blockade and Crowd Protests were also How the US made the 1953 Coup

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Tue Nov 19 00:39:12 MST 2019

Frankly I think Cole has lost his head. The current mass uprising in Iran
are just "crowd protests" like in 1953. Right ... Yes, in both cases there
is a US blockade, but the similarity ends there. The uprising today - which
has rapidly spread to dozens of towns and cities and began in the Arabic
Ahwaz region, is part of the revolutionary wave that includes Lebanon and
Iraq, in both cases uprisings that are also confronting Iranian-backed
regimes, while popular uprising continues in Idlib, Deir ezzor and has now
been reignited in Daraa, and a month or so ago was also in Egypt (not so
much an Iranian ally, but definitely an Assad all). Context matters.  Iran
in 1953 was in the midst of a revolutionary situation and the blockade
aimed at bringing back the Shah, via the state organs that still existed in
Iran. Iran today is run by a 40-year theocratic tyranny; people don't need
fuel hikes to want to destroy the regime that has oppressed them for
decades, they are a mere spark. Louis' last point - It is not even clear
what sort of regime the USA is pinning its hopes on - underlines another
key difference - all the organs of the capitalist state are fully under the
control of the mullah regime and have been for decades. The most that could
occur would be an internal coup within the regime, but for what purpose is
unclear. Worth remembering that the mainstream of the US capitalist class
supported the nuclear deal and was opposed to Trump ripping it up and
re-imposing sanctions. Sure, Bolton was a dolt leftover from a previous
era, but he's gone, and it was Trump that made him gone.  Frankly I doubt
there's more to it than Trump wanting a new deal he can pretend is "better"
but under his name.

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> Juan Cole's points are well taken but if Iran is to survive this
> economic warfare, it will only be a result of ending the clerical
> dictatorship and allowing ordinary working people to have control of
> their destiny, just as was the goal in Syria in 2011. It is not even
> clear what sort of regime the USA is pinning its hopes on. A return to
> the Shah?
> https://www.juancole.com/2019/11/economic-blockade-protests.html
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