[Marxism] Notes on Bolivia (edited)

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 06:09:58 MST 2019

The coup regime inside Bolivia is falling apart at the seams. According to
sources inside the military, there has been friction, both between the
military and the police, and between their respective leaders and foot

A Venezuelan source, Misión Verdad, says that Inter-institutional conflict
between these two armed groups has come to a head because this is the first
time in many years that both have been called on to share the
responsibility of repressing the civilian population. There has been
friction among the leaders.

There are also reports on Twitter saying that increasing numbers of
soldiers are defecting because they are no longer comfortable firing on
peaceful demonstrations.

To top it off, Mexican media has reported that Bruce Williamson at the US
Embassy in La Paz has operated as a bag man, doling out millions of dollars
to generals and police chiefs. The report states that the general who told
Morales to resign, Williams Kalimann, has already left for the USA with his
money. The article says that it expects more generals to follow suit as
they are fearful of being put on trial for their repressive acts, not to
mention their corruption.

Jorge Richter, a political analyst who was interviewed on Bolivian
television, reports that the coup regime has failed to legitimate the coup
in the eyes of the public. This is due to a political miscalculation. Añez
failed to negotiate with MAS the terms for new elections. In Bolivia, the
president cannot call new elections. That role falls to the Assembly,
 which is controlled by MAS. Likewise the regional electoral organs of the
state  are controlled by MAS and Morales. The political move calling for a
state of siege has proven to be a perhaps fatal miscalculation for the
leadership behind the coup. The golpistas were driven by petty motives of
revenge and an obsession with getting rid of Morales at the expense of
shrewd political calculation.

Most important, the public grows weary with the unlawful military
repression against the peaceful protests. Richter prefaced his remarks by
offering condolences to the families who lost loved ones at the hands of
state repression in Cochabamba last week.

According to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, 23 civilians
have been killed by Bolivian police and military since the coup on October

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