[Marxism] Alliance of MENA Socialists on Iranian protests

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Wed Nov 20 10:09:47 MST 2019

Excerpt from Frieda Afary, Nov. 19, 2019:
"It is very difficult for socialist activists inside Iran and Iranian socialists in exile to 
promote socialism as an alternative when some socialist activists either actively 
ignore solidarity with the Iranian protests or actually side with the Iranian regime 
as 'anti-imperialist.'

"This is a critical moment in world history in which the severity of the crises and 
the inhumanity of capitalism are pushing people into the streets in various 
countries to oppose both poverty and repression. We need solidarity actions that 
connect the labor, feminist, anti-racist and environmental struggles in the 
countries in which we reside to those in the Middle East and North Africa, China, 
Chile, Haiti and beyond. We need to oppose both neoliberal policies and state 
capitalist models such as those of China and Iran."

That's an excerpt from the the statement of the  Alliance of MIddle Eastern and 
North African Socialists on the situation in Iran. It begins as follows:

Iran Nationwide Popular Protests Call for Overthrow of Demagogic Regime

Police stations, banks, some public buildings,  a few religious seminaries and  
many posters of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei have been set on fire.  
Demonstrators have blocked roads.  Slogans include:  "Gasoline is becoming 
more expensive and the poor are becoming poorer."   "Khamenei is a murderer.  
His rule has expired."   "Death to the Dictator."   "Death to this Demagogic 
Government."  Even some members of the parliament have resigned in protest.

by Frieda Afary

It took the  popular uprisings in Iraq and Lebanon following  the earlier uprisings in 
Sudan and Algeria this year for the Iranian masses,  especially unemployed and 
student youth to gain the courage to go out into the streets in large numbers 
again and for the first time since the December 2017-January 2018  uprising,  call 
for an end to the Islamic Republic.

What set off the nationwide protests was a 300% increase in the price of gasoline 
announced suddenly on Friday November 15.  That is a huge increase for the 
majority of   Iranians who have already sunk to extreme poverty levels because of 
the cost of Iran´s military and political interventions in the region,  its nuclear and 
missile development programs,  and the severe sanctions imposed by the United 

Since Friday, tens of thousands have been protesting in 22 of Iran´s 31 provinces 
throughout the country and representing 100 cities as well as some rural areas.  
Anti-riot police and security forces have been battling the protesters.   According 
to Amnesty International,  more than a hundred have been killed by the 
government.   Hundreds have been injured and over one thousand arrested.   
Government sharpshooters have been standing at rooftops and shooting at 
demonstrators directly in the head.  Military helicopters are also being used to 
shoot demonstrators. ...

Read the rest of the statement at 

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