[Marxism] Eyewitness reports from Hong Kong

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Wed Nov 20 13:45:13 MST 2019

More excellent on-the-spot coverage of the semi-insurrectionary Hong Kong
rebellion by Red Flag Newspaper editor, Ben Hillier.
"The last week at the Polytechnic is illustrative of the lengths the young
people here will go to make the point that is scrawled in graffiti around
the city: “If we burn, you burn with us”. For days, hundreds of young women
and men raced frantically to barricade every entrance and exit. In the
canteen they stockpiled noodles, biscuits, muesli bars, and bottles of
water. Along with their supporters, they took over the retail shops and
turned them into 24-hour communal kitchens. They set up medical stations
with boxes and boxes of supplies. They collected for distribution hundreds
of gas masks, goggles, fresh clothes, towels and soap. They armed
themselves with bins full of broken paving bricks and garden stones,
baseball bats, hammers and metal bars pilfered from railings along the
roadsides. And they built an arsenal of Molotov cocktails, gas bombs, flour
bombs and dye bombs. By Saturday afternoon, there were hundreds of petrol
bombs to feed the front lines – and for the next 36 hours, a group of about
30 young people worked tirelessly to keep production going as the war raged
around them.

“The rule is dead, and our life is alight”, Tin, a recent graduate from
another university, said as he rested outside PolyU’s smashed up
administration building. “The world has been reversed. You are supposed to
follow the rules and that makes things work smoothly. But now the rules are
the problem; we have an obligation to protest.” Tin is a member of what Au
Loong Yu, a respected veteran activist and author, calls “Generation
Catastrophe”, otherwise known as the ’97 generation – those born several
years each side of the return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty. “This
generation is very unlucky”, Au says. “At first, the older generation
couldn’t understand – why are they so without hope? Why do they talk about
revolution? It’s because they sense the catastrophe. Like Greta Thunberg
and the climate, but much more intense in some ways. This generation has
continuous bad news.”


And there's an excellent podcast interview on the same issue:

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