[Marxism] When Flood Waters Run Dry: Hurricane Harvey, Climate Change

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 23 06:05:37 MST 2019

We have just passed the second anniversary of one of the most 
destructive hurricanes Houston and the state of Texas have ever 
experienced. What transpired in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane 
Harvey is a microcosm of national and international dynamics. Harvey is 
a symbol of climate catastrophe, austerity, intrastate conflict and a 
deepening deterioration of living standards for working class people. To 
say that Harvey simply exacerbated pre-existing tensions doesn’t begin 
to grasp the complexity of how Houston is currently being reshaped. In 
the wake of Harvey capitalists have unleashed an extreme intensification 
of contracted social reproduction. With hurricane just ending, this 
essay will reflect upon and analyze why Harvey had such a deep impact on 
Houston, how contracted reproduction is being executed, identify the 
strengths and weaknesses of relief efforts and/or mutual aid organizing, 
and lay out ideas to advance future struggles around climate disaster.


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