[Marxism] Holodomor, Genocide & Russia: the great Ukrainian challenge

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 23 10:50:27 MST 2019

On 11/23/19 12:20 PM, Paul Flewers via Marxism wrote:
> One problem I have with the idea of the Ukrainian Holodomor is that it tends to obscure the fact that the famine went far beyond Ukraine, and badly affected Southern Russia and the North Caucasus as well. Also, whilst the Nazis' Holocaust was a deliberate attempt to exterminate Europe's Jews and Roma, likewise with the Turkish genocide of the Armenians; contrary to what some Ukrainian historians insist, it is not at all established whether Stalin's regime was intent on a genocidal policy towards Ukrainians -- which I highly doubt -- or intended its agricultural policies to lead to mass starvation either in Ukraine or in the other affected areas. That Stalin continued with these agricultural policies after their deadly impact became apparent is true, but that does not mean that such results were desired or intended.

When you really get down to it, the Judeocide is the only mass murder of 
people on the basis of their racial origins. The Cherokees, the 
Ukrainians, the Tutsis (leaving aside the controversy), the Cambodians 
and the Armenians, et al were obstacles to a social engineering plan 
that reduced people to animals. For example, the Cherokees and the 
Armenians died because they were forced to go on a long march without 
the necessary food, water and clothing to keep them alive. That's 
somewhat different than being gassed to death.

But in the final analysis, it's a difference without a distinction. 
Between Hitler and Andrew Jackson, it makes little difference to the 
people who are dying en masse.

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