[Marxism] The Left Shrugs at Impeachment

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 08:30:40 MST 2019

While I was strongly opposed to struggling for impeachment, I have to say
the hearings brought me around -- YES, the crimes of Trump agains the
environment, children, etc. should be articles of impeachment -- just like
the secret bombing of Cambodia should have been an article of Impeachment
for Nixon --- but let's try to remember one thing --- If Doug is right that
Trump needs to be defeated and defeated badly then we need a COALITION
which includes all the "national security Democrats" ---

Remember, the coalition that ended the Indochina wars were revolting GIs
and "war criminals for peace" who had turned against Johnson's and Nixon's
policies (late but not never).

We need that coalition to defeat Trump -- then we can try forcing Demcorats
to do the right thing ---

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