[Marxism] The Left Shrugs at Impeachment

Sami El-sayed elsayeds at tcd.ie
Mon Nov 25 08:48:06 MST 2019

I don't think you need a cross-class coalition - particularly with the
nationalist/imperialist section of the US capitalist class, which is
more angry at Trump's undermining of their authority and semi-exposing
the corruption at play in their class, than they are about anything
else. But it is a mistake for the left to take an indifferent or even
negative approach to impeachment - like everything else, it's
contested terrain and broad sections of the working class are paying
attention to it, therefore the left has to take a certain positive
orientation towards impeachment. Doing that with principles means
challenging the nationalist narrative of the corporate Democrats and
putting Trump "on trial" for everything else he's done.

I think this article is pretty good on this issue

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> While I was strongly opposed to struggling for impeachment, I have to say
> the hearings brought me around -- YES, the crimes of Trump agains the
> environment, children, etc. should be articles of impeachment -- just like
> the secret bombing of Cambodia should have been an article of Impeachment
> for Nixon --- but let's try to remember one thing --- If Doug is right that
> Trump needs to be defeated and defeated badly then we need a COALITION
> which includes all the "national security Democrats" ---
> Remember, the coalition that ended the Indochina wars were revolting GIs
> and "war criminals for peace" who had turned against Johnson's and Nixon's
> policies (late but not never).
> We need that coalition to defeat Trump -- then we can try forcing Demcorats
> to do the right thing ---
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