[Marxism] Bernie Sanders Is in Trouble - POLITICO Magazine

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Tue Oct 1 14:29:59 MDT 2019


You shared the corporate media article trying to persuade and deceive people not to support Bernie Sanders.
But you do not share any articles or success by those supporting Bernie Sanders.  When unions endorse Bernie Sanders
you do not mention as significant.  One would think this reflects welcome news of unons supporting someone openly
who mentions the word socialism in a favorable way.

Today a day after your sharing the hit piece by Robert Allbritton (the wealthy banker owner of  Politico) and their
anti-communist editor Matthew Kaminski (former editor of the Wall Street Jourmal), you do not share that Bernie Sanders
Campaign raised 19 million dollars in the recent quarter.  That seems some promising news that small contributors and no
corporate funds, raised that Huge amount this summer.  Being a poor laborer, I did not send any of those funds. But it
shows that millions of people reject the corporate message to not support socialism.

It is not Bernie Sanders who is in trouble - unlike you and myself, Bernie has been able to break through the corporate
deceit and messaging, to reach many people and raise class awareness of tens of millions.  Let me repeat that, since
some sectarians seeking power control for themselves, envisioning they are Lenin or perhaps Stalin, Mao, Fidel -
Bernie Sanders has raised Class Awreness of tens of millions of laborers.  My hope is for my Class to have control and
not some pathetic insecure individual as Stalin, to advance a better world.

Whatever my political differences with Bernie Sanders, he is successful in getting his message out.   But I write this
not to just respond to sectarian thinking that seems more religious than materialist, in developing a militant working
class.  Sectarians isolated with no roots in the working class, always miss the "small detail" that one has to interact
with people on what their concerns are.

Actually it is humanity that is in trouble along with all life on this planet.

The very weak and unorganized left in the U. S., so much based in the academia professional milieu
are not capable of fighting  the fascists, let alone challenging the ruling class and their repressive state apparatus.

Here we have an old stubborn man Bernie Sanders, whom I share political differences with -
but I am definitely supporting him - because he seems the only hope that some force will end the fossil fuel
and farming animal industires destruction of our environment, to survive.

The other (electable) candidates will serve the greedy capitalists  head long march to destruction.
They are just lying politicians who seek personal advancement.

Bernie is not a revolutionary socialist.  But he will do three things for why I and many others support him:

1- He will be serious on addressing fossil fuel usage/destruction
2 - He will spend effort to address and reduce significantly nuclear weapons
3 - He will encourage an independent movement and awareness to not rely on politicians but to encourage
      people to join groups and be part of independent movements.

The events to come and those of us involved with working people, can then hopefully raise awareness of in
the class that will have to address the perceived challenges to come with unfolding events around Trump
and his supporters.  That class - my class, can only be fooled for so long, until they decide to end capitalist
rule and exploitation.

Sectarian isolated Marcists  are too often like those in some religious cult group - ignoring reality for
only what they want.  I wish Bernie well.  His successes are not defeats for socialist advocates, or the
working class.

Consider who wants Bernie Sanders to lose - and then what should be asked is: why would any person
who considers themselves a socialist of rational thought, want the same as them?   I am for a sustainable
environment and against nuclear weapons and organizing a militant aware working class.  Bernie Sanders
is both raising those three major concerns - and why Politico's ownership and funders, want to stop him.




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