[Marxism] Bellingcat: "left" and right wing Pro Assad groups receiving money from Assad

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 17:31:43 MDT 2019

This article is frankly, quite shit. Association for Investment in Popular
Action Committees was set up as the umbrella non-profit for a bunch of Bay
Area-related activism, including the Free The Cuban 5 campaign, the Free
Palestine Movement, the Northern California chapter of the ISM, and others.
The common theme is that Paul Larudee is involved. That isn't a surprise,
given that Paul has been a pretty predominant fixture of the Bay Area
anti-war organizing scene for decades.

Syria Solidarity Movement is just another one of the various organizing
initiatives that uses the Association as a fiscal sponsor. Most activist
groups don't have the time to start their own 501c3. The article makes it
seem as though the Association is some sort of separate shadowy entity, and
the title you added to the topic makes it even worse by suggesting that
Assad himself is somehow involved. Of course, there is no evidence anywhere
that Assad or his regime are actively funding the Association (which would
be illegal) and there is nothing in the article that suggests otherwise.
Moreover the Association long predates the Syria Solidarity Movement or the
armed conflict in Syria. Basically, the article points out that a
non-profit affiliated by Paul Larudee is funding various initiatives with
which Paul Larudee is associated. Surprise.

It's also quite clear that the author of the piece does not have a sense of
humor and completely missed the joke: "While obscure, and not to be
confused with the “AIPAC” that supports the state of Israel"

The rest of the article isn't news. Yes, people involved in Left organizing
can have bad politics and some of them believe in conspiracy theories. But
that isn't itself an excuse to engage in conspiracism or exaggeration.

Amith R. Gupta

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> An interesting and detailed article on which groups on both the right and
> the "left" are getting money from Assad and his representatives. It should
> surprise nobody as far as those on the right. In reality, it shouldn't
> surprise anybody as far as those on the "left", but it might. They range
> from former liberal Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinic to Ajamu Baraka.
> Paul Larudee (whom I used to know personally) is also big on the list. The
> Syria Solidarity Movement figures big time in this list, as one would
> expect.
> Although Jeff Mackler did not directly receive any of that money, many of
> those endorsing him have.
> https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2019/09/30/pro-assad-lobby-group-rewards-bloggers-on-both-the-left-and-the-right/?fbclid=IwAR0raK2iu2YxDNHD5jneDkwCzPRIgS8879Xb-YsYN9HX_xXUtp7rJUW89ZE
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