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"Mason tries to place, “digital information inside the physical, world…”(P 131) Against this domination he offers, Marx’s “Free, conscious activity is man’s species-character”. (Page 141) Perhaps less obviously contentiously Mason draws on the humanist Marxism of Raya Dunayevskaya which originated in a small 1940s heterodox ‘state capitalist’ tendency of Trotskyism. In this view for Marx, “free will is something humanity can achieve only by changing its social circumstances.”(P 219) Dunayevskaya rejected all forms of vanguard party. She talked of a “vast store of creative energy” that could be unleashed, in a communist society, “the development of human power which is its own end, the true realm of freedom”."
Clear, Bright Future. A Radical Defence of the Human Being. Paul Mason. Left Promethean politics? | Tendance Coatesy<https://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2019/10/04/clear-bright-future-a-radical-defence-of-the-human-being-paul-mason-left-promethean-politics/>
Review: Clear, Bright Future. A Radical Defence of the Human Being. Paul Mason. Allen Lane 2019. “Will you accept the machine control of human beings, or resist it?” asks Paul Mason at the beginning of Clear Bright Future .” He continues, “And if the answer is resist, on what basis will you defend the…

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