[Marxism] ‘Joker’ Continues Warner Bros. and DC Comics Attack on Left | Washington Babylon

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 07:58:47 MDT 2019

Completely disagree with the analysis. He misses the whole point of the
film which is really about mental illness and the Reaganeske cutting public
services for the mentally ill. Is is about the decay and failure of the
capitalist system and the alienation that ensues from this. It is about an
anti-rich insurrectionary mood among the masses who *rebel* against the
treatment of working people. It is not even aimed at the "rich" since
unlike some other films of this genre, try to portray them as sympathetic
victims of mob mentality. This film is *totally sypathedic* to the mob
mentality and via the Black character Zazie Beetz who lives in the same
building as a single mom is totally with the violence against the system.
Silverstein's review is a weak and quite pathetic projection of someone on
the left who clearly didn't see the same film I did.

David Walters

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