[Marxism] ‘Joker’ Continues Warner Bros. and DC Comics Attack on Left | Washington Babylon

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The site is a shit site with shit writers who don't know their shit. Enough
scatology for the morning? I fucking hate superhero movies anyway...

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> Completely disagree with the analysis. He misses the whole point of the
> film which is really about mental illness and the Reaganeske cutting public
> services for the mentally ill. Is is about the decay and failure of the
> capitalist system and the alienation that ensues from this. It is about an
> anti-rich insurrectionary mood among the masses who *rebel* against the
> treatment of working people. It is not even aimed at the "rich" since
> unlike some other films of this genre, try to portray them as sympathetic
> victims of mob mentality. This film is *totally sypathedic* to the mob
> mentality and via the Black character Zazie Beetz who lives in the same
> building as a single mom is totally with the violence against the system.
> Silverstein's review is a weak and quite pathetic projection of someone on
> the left who clearly didn't see the same film I did.
> David Walters
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