[Marxism] Syria: US Imperialism Deserts the Kurds ? Once Again

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 08:50:15 MDT 2019

I agree with what seems to be the implication of what Michael Karadjis
wrote in reply to the above-entitled article: That we should not equate the
policies of Trump with those of US imperialism. This is clear in the fact
that even his most wild supporters, such as US Senators Lindsay Graham and
Mitch McConnell, have strongly opposed Trump's call for a troop withdrawal
from the border region between NE Syria and Turkey.

As with so much else about Trump, especially in his foreign policy, his
action in this case is based on a couple of things that have little to do
with the interests or the strategy of US imperialism. They are based on how
he sees his own personal interests, which in this case means appeasing and
shoring up his base. If he were to drop a nuclear bomb on the region - or
anywhere else - his base would be fine with that. At least if it did not
immediately cause a large increase in gas prices. But the involvement of US
troops is another question.

Trump made the call shortly after having had a telephone conversation with
Erdogan. None of us knows whether Erdogan directly communicated the wishes
of Trump's semi-sponsor and Erdogan ally, Putin, but both must have known
that Putin would approve. That would have figured heavily in Trump's

Finally, Trump has an instinctive affinity for strong-man dictators like
Erdogan. That would have also figured into his announcement. Sound
ridiculous that the US president's actions would be based on personal,
unthought-out feelings? Yes, it is. That is exactly a major part of the
reason why so much of US capitalism opposes him and why even the editors of
the Wall St. Journal criticize him. The president with self-described
"great and unmatched wisdom" has all the consciousness of a six year-old.

John Reimann

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