[Marxism] Syria: US Imperialism Deserts the Kurds ? Once Again

mkaradjis . mkaradjis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 21:04:02 MDT 2019

Yeh, except I didn't exactly say that. I completely agree that "we should
not equate the policies of Trump with those of US imperialism." But not
that it can be entirely explained by Trump acting on whim. Yes, that does
seem to be the nature of the snap decision itself, but seems to me it
reflects the views of some parts of the US ruling class, and even has its
own logic from a certain imperialist point of view. But I agree, it is very
much the minority view at this moment.

What strikes me is that last time Trump suddenly announced “withdrawal from
Syria”, nearly everyone said that this was just his personal whim, there
will be no withdrawal, the ruling class disagrees and will have its way
etc, whereas this time, nearly everyone is saying “US imperialism” has
given the green light to Erdogan etc. Unless what I’ve read is just
coincidental in that way. The ruling class (civilian and military,
Republican and Democrat) in both cases is more or less identical, about 9:1
against Trump.

Remains to be seen how this plays out in practice.

It is somewhat similar in the Gulf “crisis”. Again, the overwhelming
majority of the ruling class, civilian and military, Republican and
Democrat, was against the Trump/Bolton line, ie, about 9:1. But of course,
even Trump never actually had the same line as Bolton (who had the same
line as exactly no-one), so once he outlived his usefulness as attack-dog
for pressure, he was gone. Trump’s actual position is the one in place now
(ie, begging Rouhani for a meeting). Given the stack-up within the US
ruling class, it is not surprising that the “state of crisis” continually
led to nothing.

Meanwhile, there remains a major imperialist war going on in the region:
Russian imperialism’s war on Syria. Now with Putin’s ally Erdogan marching
into northeast Syria with Trump’s blessing, even if it doesn’t come to much
in the end (which of course it may), it takes thousands of ex-FSA fighters,
now Turkey-loyalists, away from the fight in Idlib, so Assad and Putin can
complete the reconquest.
On Wed, Oct 9, 2019 at 1:51 AM John Reimann via Marxism <
marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu> wrote:

> I agree with what seems to be the implication of what Michael Karadjis
> wrote in reply to the above-entitled article: That we should not equate the
> policies of Trump with those of US imperialism. This is clear in the fact
> that even his most wild supporters, such as US Senators Lindsay Graham and
> Mitch McConnell, have strongly opposed Trump's call for a troop withdrawal
> from the border region between NE Syria and Turkey.

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