[Marxism] The Real Threat of ‘Joker’ Is Hiding in Plain Sight

Daniel Lindvall daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu
Thu Oct 10 01:29:53 MDT 2019

Wow, what BS. Racism is obviously a matter of fact. But to imply that the main driving force here is Fleck being spoilt by white privilege makes no sense. Throughout most of the film he does his shitty, precarious, low pay job and asks and expects basically nothing at all. On the contrary, he tries to make his mum realize the Waynes of this world don’t give a damn about them, white or black. Only when he has reason to believe he actually IS Wayne’s biological son he comes to think for a moment that this will make a real difference (a rather human reaction, I’d say). This arch-conservative review, posing as anti-racist, is just a version of the line that the kind of decent working conditions and welfare that the labour movement created are themselves at their very core about white privilege and have spoilt white workers who need to get over them and accept capitalism (”nature”, ”life”) as it is. It is intended to silence and split workers.

Re ”Joker”, I went to see it expecting to hate it, as I hate the Nolan films (thinly disguised fascism, here’s my review: http://filmint.nu/?p=5351). It is far from perfect and, yes, it could have treated its black characters differently. But nevertheless this actually is the complex, intelligent film that many claim the wildly overrated Nolan films to be. Class and exploitation are at the heart of it, not white privilege. 

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