[Marxism] US collusion with Turkish invasion

Chris Slee chris_w_slee at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 10 13:36:14 MDT 2019

Thinking about the events leading up to the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria, I believe that the US colluded with Turkey to prepare the ground for the invasion.

In the preceding months, US military officers met separately with Turkey and the SDF, and arranged a deal which included some concessions by the SDF.  For example, regular SDF troops were withdrawn at least 5 kilometers from the border.

I assume that, in return for this weakening of its defensive position, the SDF would have received assurances that the US would take measures to deter a Turkish invasion.  For example, the US could have imposed a no-fly zone over northeastern Syria.

Instead the US suddenly withdrew its ground troops from the area.  At around the same time Trump gave Erdogan the green light to go ahead with the invasion.

This indicates that Trump was not acting as an erratic individual, but was acting in coordination with the US military leadership.

>From the standpoint of US imperialism, restoring good relations with Turkey is a logical course of action.  They are not concerned with the human cost of the invasion.

Chris Slee

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