[Marxism] PG&E electricity shutdown in N. California

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 13:06:01 MDT 2019

I agree that the piece I wrote was not really thoroughly thought out or
researched. In part it was an emotional response to what I had been hearing
about on the news and reading in the capitalist press (i.e., the SF
Chronicle). Having just written two rather extensive articles on the Trump
impeachment crisis, and trying to carefully follow subsequent developments,
I lacked the time and energy to do more. But I was really pissed off at
what I'd been seeing and hearing about the PG&E shutdown and wanted to
respond to it.

And I was legitimately upset at the fact that there was not a thought to
the fact that 1.1 billion people are living without electricity every day
of their lives.

On my Facebook page, where I posted this article, some people talked about
the problems they're facing. One woman without a lot of money talked about
losing a week's worth of food that she cannot afford to replace. Yes, that
sort of thing should be recognized.

I did comment on some of the points that David Walters raises, regarding
PG&E's criminal behavior. However, I also do think that we we are seeing
regarding this shutdown simply forewarns what is to come due to global
climate disruption. Blackouts, mass flooding - including of entire cities
(or entire countries in the case of some Pacific Island nations or
Bangladesh), and worse. I think we are also likely to see mass poisoning on
a scale larger and more intense than what we've seen up until now as toxic
waste dumps become inundated. This and more.

The fact is that in the last analysis, it is "Mother Nature" who caused
this crisis. Or rather, it is Mother Nature's reaction to the depredations
of capitalism. Sure, the profit addicted PG&E behaved totally
irresponsibly. What do we expect? Is it really any different from how arms
manufacturers send "our boys (and now girls too)" off to war with weapons
that don't function properly because that's more profitable? Sure, the
weapons manufacturers should be condemned, but more than that, capitalism
should be condemned for leading the working class into war in the first
place. So, when Governor Newsom says he's "outraged" - at whom or what is
he outraged? At Mother Nature?

Again, I agree that my piece wasn't a thoroughly thought-out and researched
piece, but if it got Dave Walters' blood pumping a little bit in
annoyance... well, you know, Dave, at our age a little bit of stress (not
too much, but a little bit) is a good thing. It helps us live longer!

Finally, when I was in school, I always considered it beneath me to contest
a grade since I hated both school and the grading system. But in this case,
I must do so. Not a C-, but I will accept a B- (maybe even C+).

John Reimann
*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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