[Marxism] Autonomous Administration announces agreement with the regime (ANF)

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It is not that the PYD is "nearer to the  Assad regime than the Syrian people".  The alliance with Assad is a desperate measure against the Turkish invasion.

The PYD has always regarded the Turkish state as its most dangerous enemy.  Turkey has the strongest army in the Middle East, apart from Israel.  This army is permeated by a Turkish nationalist ideology that is hostile to Kurdish aspirations.  It has a history of massacres against the Kurdish people inside Turkey.

When Turkey started helping the Syrian rebels, it used aid as a means of coopting many of them into its war against Rojava.  This led the PYD to distrust the rebel movement.

The invasion of Afrin showed the PYD's fear of Turkey was justified.  This has been confirmed once again by the invasion of northeastern Syria.

Chis Slee
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This development is hardly surprising. For every sober observer it was
clear that the PYD/YPG leadership was always nearer to the Assad regime
than the Syrian people. (See e.g. our essay more than year ago (chapter
“Kurdish YPG/SDF: Mercenaries of many Masters”):

Shamefully, all this did not and will not stop many so-called
“left-wing” groups to cheer the PYD/YPG leadership!

The justification of the YPG is particular cynical: “Both of them are
dirty but Erdogan and his ISIS are dirtier.” It might be true that Assad
treats the YPG better than Erdogan and ISIS. But Assad certainly has
slaughtered many more civilians than the reactionary forces of Erdogan
and ISIS combined together. (See e.g. Syria: Who is Responsible for the
Civilian Death Toll from March 2011 to September 2018?

Am 14.10.2019 um 04:23 schrieb Chris Slee via Marxism:
> Both of them are dirty,” he said, “but Erdogan and his ISIS are dirtier.” '

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