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John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 12:29:29 MDT 2019

I largely agree with the RCIT statement on Syria, the PYD, etc. However,
they also write concerning Trump’s withdrawal “ another “*Saigon moment*”
as Washington realizes it is no longer strong enough to keep its hegemonial
role in the Middle East.“

I think this is mistaken. The US withdrawal from Vietnam was not on the
whim or personal decision in opposition to every wing of the government and
the capitalist class which it represents. Trump’s withdrawal is. The
diplomatic wing, the military wing, even the entire legislative wing of the
government is aghast. Even the Christian fundamentalists are opposed!

Yes, US imperialism is in retreat, but this step is nowhere near the same
as the US military defeat in Vietnam. Where, in fact, have US forces even
been defeated in Syria? No, what this shows is the extreme political crisis
of US capitalism at home.
*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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