[Marxism] [pen-l] Re: Brief Reflection on Trump?s Impeachment By Roberto Savio

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Tue Oct 15 15:20:17 MDT 2019

It is soon before the fact. It's more like reading tea leaves at this 
premature point. But just for the sake of argument, I recall that Trump 
was down and out in polls assessing the popular vote last time around, 
but they had it wrong. 'Class dynamics' did not prevail over media and 
electoral savvy, and he has part of the ruling class, at least and 
possibly a preponderance, going along with him, especially if he shows 
promise of leading the Republicans into majorities in Congress. Without 
some countering crisis, always. With that in mind and no alternative 
strong candidate in the wings for them, with their ability to twist 
rules and procedure, McConnell, Graham and House Republican counterparts 
may well be effective in shutting off and damping criticism as partisan 
and distorted. The Democratic-led House placing disproportionate 
emphasis on Ukraine and China, or maybe even finances and emoluments 
seems like a loser for a 2/3 majority to impeach, and so what else? No 
prospects for 29th amendment. Proof of incompetence to voter and 
Senate-majority satisfaction? Pence as alternative? Rock and a hard place.

And given his demonstrated capacity to manipulate and virtually command 
a generally hostile msm, the blowback and his declaration of victory and 
cleanliness with an unsuccessful attempt to impeach him has to be factored.

Moreover, as to his 'demented' condition, that may be but with all his 
practice on his tv show he plays on that quality of sarcastic, outraged, 
zany, off-the-prompter unpredictability quite effectively. Watch that 
speech in Minneapolis https://tinyurl.com/yxvc4ncj; it's the first time 
I have watched all the way through a Trump rally. There's a woman in 
about the third row on his left, looks like just out of a tanning 
parlor. She also looks as though she might be on something 
mind-altering. But she epitomizes to me a Trump supporter: going ape at 
his every exaggerated, distorted, deflecting or untruthful phrase, 
without a critical or reflective cell in her brain. I fear, when the 
frenzy rises near election time, in a severely divided, disaffected 
polity, with an unspoken background elements of class, xenophobia, 
resentment at elitism and lost status driving it, that this is an 
amplifying trend. We know the history of authoritarian rule and the 
irrational and the present course and we should not ignore it.

And the uncertain disarray among the discredited Democrats - they're not 
like the Republicans last time, set to field a runaway candidate, not 
one with appeal to enough of their base, at any rate, out of a pack 
where the leaders, equally divided in preference, are 71, 78 and 79 
(historically, according to Nate Silver, 55 is the median age for 
presidents) with heart problems suddenly on the minds of Democratic 
votersand never mind Trump at 73 with his domination of candidacy and 
his conservative, older, more committed constituency.

I don't have to present as a Cassandra to conclude that we're in dire, 
dangerous straits, regardless of the outcome of all of this, given the 
larger picture and all that is coming at us - and the absence of 
visible, viable alternatives. So what of that?


On 10/14/2019 8:30 PM, Michael Meeropol wrote:
> Some people are worried that the promise of a civil war may become a 
> reality --- the democratic majority (especially if the election is 
> close in some key states) will have to rely on the "discipline" of the 
> police forces and the military -- especially the hierarchy --- Granted 
> the military hierarchy will stick with the ruling class -- but there 
> could be SERIOUS civil disorders by the "militias" and who knows where 
> the local police forces will be -- (throw in ICE agents who are BIG 
> supporters of Trump as well as the military folks who have been 
> brainwashed) --- I do believe that unless there is very successful 
> voter suppression, that the Dems will pull it out -- BUT -- it will 
> depend on the Obama coalition coming out to vote ---
> :I do not agree with this article. I don’t think it’s a good analysis. 
> Firstof all, the author completely fails to understand what’s really 
> at work inthese proceedings, which is another way of saying he ignores 
> the classdynamics. In my opinion, the mainstream of the capitalist 
> class has finallydecided that it cannot allow a demented (seriously) 
> person to continue hisdrive for one man rule unchecked. In his Ukraine 
> actions, Trump showed thathe was going to do whatever it took to 
> continue down that path for anotherfour years. His Syria blunder 
> “worse than a crime - a mistake” toparaphrase Talleyrand), committed 
> after impeachment had begun, will haveenormously reinforced their 
> determination. And while seriously weakened,their influence over the 
> US population is still very strong.In the course of the hearings all 
> sorts of dirt will come out. This will
>     drive all but the Trump fanatics into the Democrats’ camp. As for the
>     fanatics, I don’t think they are a majority in most states.
>     Already the
>     polls show Trump losing in many swing states that he won in 2016.
>     These
>     include Ohio, Pennsylvania and others. These hearings will
>     strengthen that
>     trend. Yes, it will heighten the convictions and emotions of the
>     fanatics.
>     That could drive them to even greater violence, but it won’t help
>     re-elect
>     Trump
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