[Marxism] Trump's withdrawal from Syria

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 12:20:38 MDT 2019

I agree with John that the comparison between the US defeat in Vietnam, and
its ultimate disastrous withdrawal, with Trump's withdrawal of US forces
from Syria is way off the mark.

The United States was not defeated militarily in Syria as it was in Viet

However, the United States has suffered a serious and historic reversal in
the Middle East which no sector of the American ruling class knows how to
address. The two wars against Iraq completely failed to achieve their goals
of creating compliant client states in the Persian Gulf. The endless war in
Afghanistan has failed to accomplish anything other than devastation and

Trump's decision has undoubtedly worsened this disaster for United States
imperialism, threatening even to undo its one victory, the Kurdish defeat
of the Islamic State.

One thing we should keep in mind, is the boundless corruption of Mr. Trump.
Rather than thinking that this was done on a personal whim, Trump may have
found a way to make a little cash off of the situation, banking on the
endless debasement of the Republican Senate, and the undying support of the
Christian right, gun fanatics, and racists.

Whether a whim, or a bribe, this action has brought Trump several steps
closer to being removed from office before the elections next year.

A lot of gun lovers are soldiers and former soldiers, and their love for
Trump has taken a big hit with this decision. He had already proven his
disdain for soldiers, but now he is increasingly being seen as a traitor to
the grunts on the front lines.

How this will play out behind closed doors is difficult to predict, but if
the Republicans cannot find a way to remove him before next November,
Trump´s vaunted base may have flown the coop, and we could see an historic
change putting the Democrats in control of everything except the Supreme
Court and a few state houses.


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