[Marxism] [SUSPICIOUS MESSAGE] Re: Statement of the Internationalist Commune on the agreement between self-administration and the Syrian state

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When discussing the rebel movement in northern Syria, we should remember that it is not a united force.

In 2014 Jabhat al-Nusra attacked and crushed the Syrian Revolutionaries Front.  Some of the survivors of the SRF formed the Army of Revolutionaries (a predominantly Arab organisation), which later linked up with the Kurdish YPG/YPJ and other groups to form the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Thus when the SDF captured Tal Rifaat in early 2016, I would assume that the Arab component of the SDF would have played a major role. I would guess that for some of them Tal Rifaat would have been their home town.

Having said that, I will admit that the alliance with Assad makes me uneasy.  It is probably necessary in the face of the Turkish invasion, but there are a lot of dangers.

Chris Slee

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 The statement also says:

"The agreement would also give the opportunity to expand the fight [ie, the
fight by the joint SDF-Assad regime forces] to the occupied territories
west of the Euphrates, i.e. Jarablus, Bab, Azas, Mare and Afrin, which
would allow hundreds of thousands of displaced people to return."

Thus, with the exception of Afrin, the SDF here offers itself up as shock
troops for the Assad regime in exactly the same way as these ex-rebel
("TFSA") brigades have offered themselves up as shock troops for Turkey.

The Jarablus-al-Bab region is, yes, under Turkish control, but local rebel
brigades run it day to day, apparently with local support, as this is a
largely non-Kurdish region, partly Arabic and partly Turkmen. Before Turkey
and its rebel allies took this region in 2016, it was not run by the SDF
(ever), it was run by ISIS. Thus Turkey and FSA liberated the region from
ISIS much like the SDF and its allied US imperialism liberated the
northeast from ISIS.

The Azaz-Mare region is not run by Turkey but by the rebels, and is
overwhelmingly Arabic. These have been liberated cities since 2012.
Previously they were connected to rebel-held east Aleppo city, but in early
2016, the SDF invaded the rebel-held region in coordination with the
Russian airforce, bombing the rebels from the sky, and they seized iconic
rebel-held Tal Rifaat and other towns which linked Azaz-Mare to Aleppo,
expelling tens of thousands of Arabs. In other words, they already did what
the "TFSA" later did to the K7urds in Afrin and now in the northeast, with
Russia in place of Turkey. By cutting off Aleppo city from the stretch of
rebel-held territory to the Turkish border, this action greatly facilitated
Assad encircling the city and crushing it.

Turkey and its ex-rebel goons did the same to the Kurds of Afrin two years
later. How ironic that Afrin Kurds who were dispossessed from Afrin now
reside in Tal Rifaat, from where the SDF had earlier dispossessed the

And now the SDF offers itself up to the Assad regime as vanguard of its
reconquista in Jarablus, al-Bab, Azaz and Mare.

Utterly disgusting.

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