[Marxism] WSJ: Inside America?s Chaotic Retreat from Syria (On the "Saigon Moment")

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I think the chaos resulted from conflicting opinions amongst Trump's advisers, between those who prioritised restoring good relations with Turkey - which required allowing Turkey to invade Rojava - and those who prioritised suppressing ISIS - which required preventing Turkey from invading Rojava.

Chris Slee
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RKOB posted a series of articles detailing the hectic situation in a US
outpost in NE Syria. I assume he posted these in defense of the claim that
this is similar to the US defeat in Vietnam. The moment of withdrawal may
have similar scenes, but overall it is nowhere near comparable for two

First, the US did not face a military defeat in Syria. Nor were their
troops hated and driven out by the local population. On the contrary, the
Kurds evidently felt they were being protected from Turkey by the US
troops, and so they were.

Second, this decision to withdraw was opposed by all wings of the US state
and by the capitalist class in general. It shows the extreme political
crisis of US capitalism at home. This is as opposed to Vietnam, where if
anything the US capitalist class wanted to withdraw before Nixon was ready
to do so.

In general, I agree with RKOB that US imperialism has been weakened
globally. But I think it's a mistake to impose this general truth onto our
understanding of what happened in this particular situation.

John Reimann

*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
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