[Marxism] Garbis Altinoglu

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 20 09:39:31 MDT 2019

(Forwarded from a lurker.)

It is my very sad duty to inform the progressive and Marxist community 
that Garbis Altinoglu passed away 4 days ago. It was the case that he 
was a ML-ist, however perhaps some on the list my be interested and 
perhaps mourn his death. For those in Belgium, his funeral takes place 
on Monday.

Altinoglu became a Marxist, from an early age. His full memory will be 
commemorate by ML-Currents-Today at a later juncture. Here only a few 
sparse details are offered.

-He was imprisoned for approximately ten years in the Turkish fascist 
jails, and although he did not like to talk about this,  he was 
tortured. He wrote a book documenting the prisons of the Turkish 
fascists and copies are still available.

- He was a leading member of the MLCP of Turkey, although he later left 
on principled grounds. His evaluation of the ML-ist left in Turkey can 
be found at the website of AllianceML - Under 'T' for Turkey.
Here:, are some other articles of his in English:

Articles by Garbis Altinoglu
The HIZBULLAH Of Turkey 
History of MLCP And the Revolutionary Movement 
Summary of the Ordeal in Turkish Prisons; 

He was a staunch translator into Turkish of key texts from Marx and others.

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