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Protest moments explode around the world

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> In preparation for my 2020 Workers Hella Revolutionary calendar, I've been
> keeping track of events of revolution and counter revolution so far this
> year. I noticed that in the start of this year, most (but not all) events
> were part of the process of counter revolution. In the last few months this
> has reversed. Here's what I have for October:
> 10/2: Protests begin in Ecuador against neoliberal reforms
> 10/4 popular protests start in Iraq
> 10/6: US troops ordered to withdraw from NE Syria
> 10/7 school student protests in Chile against transit fare hikes
> 10/9: Turkey begins invasion of NE Syria
> 10/12: Biggest storm in decades, Typhoon Hagibis, hits Japan; over 7
> million urged to evacuate.
> 10/8: Ecuador government flees capital of Quito moves to Guayaquil
> 10/16: Hundreds of thousands of government workers stay at home in
> Zimbabwe; hundreds of thousands of Lebanese across party and sectarian
> lines protest against government; 25,000 teachers and other education
> workers in Chicago go on strike
> 1018: Chile government forced to call state of emergency due to widespread
> protests
> And the month isn't close to over yet.
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