[Marxism] Russia-Turkey 10-point agreement disclosed (ANF)

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Trump contradicts himself from one day to the next.  Whether this is due to a psychiatric problem or just because he is sending different messages to different audiences, I am not sure.

Anyway, we have to look at his actions, not his words.  John says that Trump does what Putin wants.  Sometimes he does, but sometimes he doesn't.

I mentioned that Trump has intensified the US blockades on Cuba and Venezuela.  This does not seem to me to be something that Putin would want, given that Cuba and Venezuela are more or less allies of Russia.  But the blockades make perfect sense from the standpoint of US imperialism, which wants to suppress any challenge to its domination of Latin America.

Despite his rhetoric about bringing the troops home, Trump has increased the US military presence in the Middle East.  See the article by Medea Benjamin and Nicholas Davies:


Trump saw it as being in the interests of US imperialism to mend US relations with Turkey, which had been damaged by the US alliance with the SDF against ISIS.  Hence he withdrew US troops from a section of the Syria/Turkey border, enabling Turkey to invade.

Of course Trump's idea of the best policy for US imperialism may differ from that of other members of the ruling class.  It may be influenced by Trump's personal financial interests.  But that is not unusual.

Chris Slee
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Comrade Slee,

It is clear you want to support and defend the Kurds, long denied nationhood and under present attack.
I share your basic sentiments of solidarity.

But from my view, you do a disservice on contorting political reality,when you state:

Trump, despite his erratic words, acts to defend the interests of US imperialism as he sees them.  He has intensified the US blockades of Cuba and Venezuela.  Hence it is not surprising that he wants to crush the Rojava revolution.

Chris Slee

It seems more credible that Trump does what the Putin government wants  - to weaken U. S. influence, cause internal conflict in NATO and
with the intelligence agencies, including in the U. S.

My understanding believes Trump cares nothing about the Kurds (he views them through his racist and xenophobic prejudice as "lessers")
but he is under the influence of Putin.  We know that Putin has been interacting and in contact with the far right wing in many lands  Putin's
personal financial coruption with his Russian nationalist views (including as a devout orthodox christian, where his contacts with the far right
seem to have originated).  We can observe Donald Trump has ties to international far right wing groups, has relationships with those who
have attended world conferences of these far right wing groups..  And there seems many of these right wing groups have relationships
with Putin and Trump, that seems to make them politically compatible - which is NOT in the interst of key sectors of  U. S. imperialism.

It is why the conflicting messages from Trump where first he announces withdrawl of troops and then becuase of pressure from many in the
U. S. Congress, the military, etc. - repositions some in Iraq with eyes always on the oil comrade!

Most everything the U.S. government does in that region of the world, is around oil and support for Israel - and did I mention oil?

None of those on this list, believe that Putin has some kind of "deep concern for Erdogan and the Turkey elite,or Assad, it is all about
national interests and influence - and diminishing the power and alliances of what Putin sees as his main threat - the U. S.

Trump is not carrying out the interests of the neo-conservatives, or of expanding markets for the U. S. wealthy or the international neo-liberal gang.
Just the opposite has been clearly happening, with Trump being viewed more unstable and a problem with the decades of efforts to
create alliances and expand the U. S. capitalists  world wide influence.

Trump's actions seem always to undermind the various alliances between the U. S. government institutions and its allies.
The Syrians, the Kurds, the Turkey government - are all pawns in the game of power and influence.  We all agree that working people
are not the intended beneficiares of these world power games manuevers.  But Trump never thought about the Kurds - only about
defeating ISIS and of course - the oil.  Trump is the same as Obama ,Bush, Clinton, etc.  They are addicted to oil and know of no other
cheap energy source to make both enormous profits and maintain their war machines and economies to benefit from.

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