[Marxism] DSA rank-and-file strategy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Oct 23 15:37:15 MDT 2019

On 10/23/19 5:23 PM, Tristan Sloughter via Marxism wrote:
> I figured this was a good place to ask if there are resources about what the SWP did in the 70s. And other orgs that did the same. Basically resources to help not repeat mistakes of the past.

The SWP did not have an industrial orientation until 1978. It was much 
more like the ISO. After 1978, it had such an orientation but it was a 
complete disaster.

The one group that did have such an orientation is very much worth 
studying: Solidarity. They were heavily involved with struggles in the 
UPS. My advice is to read Dan La Botz's book that I reviewed here:


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