[Marxism] There’s Something That’s Ours on Those Streets and We’re Going to Take It Back: The Forty-Third Newsletter (2019).

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 24 18:51:46 MDT 2019

Lebanon’s ruling class, like that of Chile, is encrusted with 
corruption, its political leaders collecting rents from government 
contracts, its public services saturated with graft. In 2016, the 
government established a Ministry for Combatting Corruption, although it 
inspires no confidence; a lawsuit was brought against the Minister of 
Anti-Corruption for corruption. Lebanon’s ‘austerity budget’ for 2019 
cuts public spending but keeps in place a regressive tax system. In 
2015, politicians squabbled over who would get the contract for trash 
removal as the population walked over the garbage on the streets to say 
what they all knew: that corruption is not the exception, but the rule. 
‘You stink’, the people said of the political class. It is a phrase that 
resonates to this day.


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