[Marxism] Abdi: We have reservations on some items of the [Russia-Turkey] agreement (ANF)

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Fri Oct 25 01:11:19 MDT 2019


'Mazloum Abdi pointed out that the United States did not stop the Turkish attack militarily, and wanted to stop the Turkish attack economically and diplomatically by imposing sanctions that were positive to some extent, especially in forcing Turkey to cease fire. He continued, "The Turkish attacks continue, and this is America and the President Trump's responsibility. Our relations with the Americans in eastern Syria continue, and we are going to ask them to avoid the past mistakes.'

(The sanctions were tokenistic, and were only imposed because of the criticism Trump received for giving the green light to the Turkish invasion.  Still, they may have had some restraining influence on Erdogan)

'With regard to the agreement announced between Turkey and Russia, Abdi said that they gave their answer to Russia on this agreement, and that they informed Russia of their demands. He added, "We did not agree on the ten items, we have points to reserve because they do not serve our people."

'He added, "We gave a final answer to Russia today. We told them our requests and the points that we reserve in the Sochi Agreement. The Turkish-Russian Agreement came against our people's interest, and we were not a part of it because our people's interest is more important." '


'Abdi made clear that SDF supported the political solution in Syria provided that it would have a privacy within the Syrian army, and they remained on their position.'

("Privacy" seems a poor translation.  Probably he meant something like "autonomy" - the SDF would be formally part of the Syrian army after a negotiated political solution is reached, but would in practice be autonomous.  The Assad regime would be very reluctant to accept this.  The SDF may be hoping that Russia will put pressure on Assad to do so)


The SDF is in a very difficult position.  Turkey, the strongest military force in the Middle East apart from Israel, has invaded part of the territory of the Autonomous Administration of northeastern Syria.  The SDF resisted, but was unable to prevent this invasion.  It now hopes that Russia and/or the US will deter Turkey from seizing more territory.  But each of these imperialist powers will demand something in return for any assistance they may provide.

Chris Slee

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