[Marxism] YPG & Assad: beyond "necessity"

Chris Slee chris_w_slee at hotmail.com
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RKOB claims that "the U.S. coopted the PYD/YPG for its war
against ISIS and for control of East Syria".

The YPG, and later the SDF, fought ISIS for their own reasons, not because the US wanted them to.  It was ISIS that attacked Rojava.  The YPG/YPJ initially fought in self defence.  Subsequently they  went on the offensive, but this was done in collaboration with Arab groups, an alliance which adopted the name Syrian Democratic Forces.

The US for its own reasons, supported the SDF against ISIS.  But this is not the same as cooption.

There was nothing inherently wrong with Syrian rebel groups accepting aid from Turkey to fight the Assad regime.  The problem was that Turkey used this aid as a means of influencing many rebel groups to fight against the Rojava revolution, rather than against Assad.  This is what I mean by cooption.

Some of the groups were easily able to be coopted in this way because they were already hostile to Rojava, because of religious extremism and/or anti-Kurdish racism.

Chris Slee

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Chris, I think you miss the point.

You say: "The SDF is seeking US and/or Russian help in opposing the
Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria.  The so-called Syrian National
Army is participating in the Turkish invasion.  These are completely
different things."

Well, why is the SNA participating in the Turkish invasion? Because they
(wrongly) hope to get back some land from which they and millions of
Syrian refugees were expelled by Assad/Russia. Why is this a worse
motive than that of the PYD/YPG?!

You say: "But I have pointed out that Turkey has used such aid to coopt
some FSA groups into its war against the Rojava revolution."

Yes, but why is it better that the U.S. coopted the PYD/YPG for its war
against ISIS and for control of East Syria? And why is this better that
Russia and Assad coopt the PYD/YPG for its drive to control the same region?

You say: "The groups involved in the SNA have effectively abandoned the
struggle against Assad. They have been taken away from the battle
against Assad in Idlib to participate in Turkey's war against the
Kurdish people and against the multi-ethnic democratic revolution in
northeastern Syria."

As you might know, I agree with this criticism. But the PYD/YPG never
joined the battle against Assad! This is hardly better!

And for the "multi-ethnic democratic revolution in northeastern Syria":
This is nonsense. Where are the Arab units now on the side of the
PYD/YPG? They are nowhere because there was no multi-ethnic democratic
revolution in northeastern Syria but a struggle of the PYD/YPG not only
to free the Kurdish people but also to dominate and occupy Arab-majority

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