[Marxism] New Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Alliance founded in London

Me me at magnoliabloomberg.com
Sat Oct 26 09:41:32 MDT 2019

On 27/10/19 2:27 am, MM wrote:

Biology is such a terf hey? 


> Rather, you are confusing the order of language with the order of being: the fact that “sex" and “gender" can be definitively distinguished in language does not mean they are definitively distinct in the world. Not even genitalia are “binary”: No genitalia are “typical” in any sense that implies normativity; anyone with any reasonable familiarity with evolutionary biology or taxonomy would understand that. Unfortunately, too few do.
> The political right is busy these days trying to shore up that distinction, not unlike the ways in which ruling elites and their bigoted dupes in the past have insisted on substituting differences in language for variation in reality (e.g., “white / black” for race, vs. diverse phenotypes among human population groups). Thankfully, the people you dismiss as having a “sexual development disorder” increasingly have a voice. Maybe you should write to the author of the piece I linked and ask if they feel like they have a “disorder.”
> It seems to me just about the last thing the world needs right now is a reactionary network of self-identified LGB folks helping out with the right’s dirty work.

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