[Marxism] LGBA

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 16:31:24 MDT 2019

It seems very odd for someone to claim there are just vague accusations
about violent treats against gender-critical feminists.  They are all over
the internet.  Indeed, months ago, I pointed him to the Peak Trans site
which has documented hundreds upon hundreds of them.

In Britain the situation is so bad that scores of left and trade union
activist have released a statement calling for it to stop;

When gender-critical feminists put forward their views they are demonised
by the lie that they are 'transphobes', 'terfs' and then it's all on - rape
threats, death threats, hacking up into bits threats. beating with bats
threats, lynchings threats - who's like the KKK then*? -* attempts to
remove them from social media, get them fired, get them visited by police,
get them deplatformed and on and on.

The violent misogynists also vent poison at gender-critical gay and
transexual activists.  They hate  transexuals who reject their male
entitledness, and they're hostile to gay men who don't like their
homophobia.  Fortunately more gay men are starting to solidarise with


Of course, no genuine liberation movement spouts such hideous, violent
misogyny.  It's a bit of a give away. . .

I see the misogynist men's entitlement brigade is now turning their bile on
Cindy Sheehan, so she can expect the full treatment.  And the woke men will
turn a blind eye.


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