[Marxism] Open Letter In Support Of Trans Labour Members

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 19:48:43 MDT 2019

 [So...this is my first tippytoe into this debate, something I've avoided
as it is impossible to have a calm rational debate about this, it seems, at
least on the left. Ergo, my own ignorance around these questions will
remain as such since no one can discuss it with me or others who are trying
to figure it all out.--David W.]

John wrote the following:  "
So concern about trans women having unfettered access to women's spaces is
patently *not* about transphobia, but about male violence - exactly the
reason such female only spaces were established in the first place."

Yeah...no it wasn't and it's both historically and anthropologically so
much BS to say that. Original womens' only spaces were established
*totally* as a function in prudery of class society. MOST primitive
societies untouched by Christianity, Abrahamic religions more generally,
"Western society" had no such thing as "womens spaces". People pissed,
shit, washed, and did all manner of human social intercourse without
regards to any sort of gender. Where I live in the Bay Area womens
washrooms are going away replaced by non-gender specific ones in public.
GOOD. Like the single non-gender bathroom and washrooms we find at small
businesses (and that have always been found there) separating out washrooms
and bathrooms was a function of KEEPING women separate from men for the
obvious religious/cultural reasons and had zero to do with women spaces as
"safe spaces".

I've always felt the washroom/bathroom (as opposed to the changing room or
locker room...a related but quite different issue) was a silly argument in
terms of transwomen (or for transmen) who, for all appearances, are the sex
they identify and whose outward appearance is what they choose...as wholly
irrelevant to the trans rights issue anyway as trans people for centuries
have used bathroom of their choice and no one is the wiser. Only the right
wing has ever raised this as something to go after trans folks for. They
lose every time in these arguments for that very reason. I believe in safe
spaces for women *when they chose to assert this*. The issue is trickier
when we are talking what substantiates a trans person and what is "merely"
*just* a self-declaration of same. THAT is a huge issue (locker rooms --
also a prudery issue I should add -- and women's sports). I'll await more
discussion on those if it comes up.

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