[Marxism] support for an independent workers movement in Venezuela

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 12:55:10 MDT 2019

"We, the undersigned labor and socialist activists, hereby express our
support for a genuinely free and independent workers’ movement in
Venezuela. We are concerned about the persecution of independent labor
activists by the Maduro government. In doing so, we have nothing in common
with US imperialism nor of its representative, Guaidó. They too completely
oppose the rights and interests of workers. The US government has applied
oil sanctions this year that worsen the already terrible economic hardships
which the working class has to endure.

"In particular, we would like to call your attention to the persecution of
workers such as Rodney Álvarez and Jose Bodas and others who are opposed to
U.S. imperialism but are also being repressed by the Maduro regime....."

Read full statement with more information here:

*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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