[Marxism] Broadway

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 29 15:11:13 MDT 2019

Just started reading Samuel Stein's "Capital City" as background for an 
article on the political economy of homelessness for Counterpunch. 
Really interesting book filled with tidbits like how Broadway became an 
exception to the grid pattern of NYC's avenues and streets. Turns out 
that it was originally a Munsee path that predated the colonist project.

 From Wikipedia:

Broadway was originally the Wickquasgeck trail, carved into the brush of 
Manhattan by its Native American inhabitants.[notes 2][1] This trail 
originally snaked through swamps and rocks along the length of Manhattan 
Island.[notes 3]

Upon the arrival of the Dutch, the trail was widened[2] and soon became 
the main road through the island from Nieuw Amsterdam at the southern 
tip. The Dutch explorer and entrepreneur David Pietersz. de Vries gives 
the first mention of it in his journal for the year 1642 ("the 
Wickquasgeck Road over which the Indians passed daily"). The Dutch 
called it the Heeren Wegh or Heeren Straat, meaning "Gentlemen's Way" or 
"Gentlemen's Street" – echoing the name of a similar street in Amsterdam 
– or "High Street" or "the Highway"; it was re-named "Broadway" after 
the British took over the city, because of its unusual width.

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