[Marxism] The trans assault on gay organisation

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 02:44:23 MDT 2019

MM's support for an attempt within the British Labour Party to prevent gay
and bisexual women and men is risible to the point of being downright

There have been a series of violent threats against people organising the
new Lesbian Gay Bisexual Alliance and attempts to threaten the employment
of a leading member, a black lesbian lawyer.

These attacks come overwhelmingly from white heterosexual males.

As John Edmundson noted, the claims of 'transphobia' are used in the same
way claims of 'anti-semitism' are used by zionists to stop critical
thinking about Israel.  Homosexual and bisexual women and men have every
right to organise and also to have same-sex involvements.  Lesbians have
every right to say 'No' to penis and the attitudes of straight males
demanding entry to lesbian spaces and to break the 'cotton ceiling' are
downright rapey.

We've already seen this at work in the Yaniv case in Canada.

Happily there is now starting to be serious pushback against the New
Misogyny and the New Homophobia, complete with all its threats of rape,
murder, lynching, plus its super-active and super-asggressive
no-platforming of people ranging from Germaine Greer to Cindy Sheehan to
Helen Steel.

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