[Marxism] Tax justice now! | Michael Roberts Blog

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 31 05:54:30 MDT 2019

The Triumph of Injustice: how the rich dodge taxes and how to make them 
pay is a new book by the inequality experts, Daniel Zucman and Emmanuel 
Saez. It’s a searing indictment of American tax system, which, far from 
reducing the rising inequality of income and wealth in the US, actually 
drives it higher. The authors argue that “even as they became fabulously 
wealthy, the rich have seen their taxes collapse to levels last seen in 
the 1920s. Meanwhile working-class Americans have been asked to pay 
more.” Saez and Zucman show that the super-rich in America actually pay 
a lower tax rate than everybody else.


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