[Marxism] climate change and racial/class discrimination

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 09:02:38 MDT 2019

> But there isn’t enough money in the federal coffers to move every resident
> away from the risk of rising waters, and people can’t apply directly for
> buyouts from the federal government. Instead, local elected officials must
> successfully navigate the Kafkaesque bureaucracy of such programs and also
> decide which homeowners can participate. Troubling new data show that
> buyouts have disproportionately benefited wealthy counties.
> As a broader solution to the thorny problem of relocation, Rush proposes
> we institute a nationwide property tax of one cent per square foot per
> year: the “Seas Are Rising and So Are We Tax.” She argues that without an
> eco-socialist policy to address the ways in which sea level rise will
> exacerbate economic and social inequality (while also displacing and
> possibly drowning half the currently endangered species), we risk even more
> segregation, exclusion, and extinction. In the recent grim wake of
> Hurricane Dorian, for instance, 119 Bahamian evacuees were ordered off a
> ferry to Florida because they didn’t have visas, which they did not legally
> need. Not only did Dorian’s devastation demonstrate that the most
> vulnerable populations with the smallest carbon footprints are hit hardest,
> it also offered a nightmare picture of “climate apartheid,” wherein the
> rich can move to safety while the poor may be excluded, refused, or killed
> at the borders of privileged nations like ours.
> https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2019/11/21/climate-race-resilience-lessons-survival/
> <https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2019/11/21/climate-race-resilience-lessons-survival/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NYR%20Climate%20and%20resilence%20Mattis%20New%20Sounds&utm_content=NYR%20Climate%20and%20resilence%20Mattis%20New%20Sounds+CID_11fd83dbe13023a4aad164de6cfdf309&utm_source=Newsletter>

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