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Friends and Family,
I'm sharing the rant I dashed off after hearing the news of the Senate 
vote yesterday afternoon. Thanks for reading, peace and always hope.

Senate Conducts Another U.S. Trial Where Racism Decides the Outcome

It's no accident that on the same day the Senate voted not to hear any 
witnesses in its sham impeachment trial the Trump administration 
announced it was adding six countries, including Nigeria, Africa's most 
populous nation, to its restrictive travel ban.

Get beneath the rhetoric and both actions are about race and racism. As 
have been the outcome of so many trials and so many immigration policies 
in U.S. history.

The bottom line consideration in those Republican senators' minds when 
they voted today was revealed by a conservative former GOP policy 
director who still has ties with his old friends. Evan Mullin tweeted 
the day before the vote:
"Republican leaders in Congress believe - and privately say - that they 
fear the country is quickly changing in ways that may soon deprive them 
of power, and that they must use the power they have now to delay it as 
long as possible, even by harming the Republic if necessary."

Decoding that doesn't require re-reading the pages in "To Kill a 
Mockingbird" about that story's jury verdict:
"The country is quickly changing" means "the proportion of people of 
color is growing and white people soon might not be a majority."

"They must use the power they have now" means "democracy is a nice idea 
that we've said we believe in for decades, but when it comes right down 
to it maintaining white power in general and our white power in 
particular is more important."

Full text: https://www.facebook.com/max.elbaum/posts/10159955151564848

Max Elbaum
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