[Marxism] The Party's Over: Bernie?s Last Dance With the Dems

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 20:44:59 MST 2020

I was responding to a (rhetorical) question which implied that in EVERY
Presidential elections "we" have been "warned" about fascism --- I do
believe that there were "warnings" about fascism in those elections but
definitely not the majority of them beginnig in 1960 --- certainly many
people felt Goldwater was a fascist (and a trigger-happy warmonger) --- but
actually, with 20-20 hindsight, except for "W" in 2004 (with his "signing
statements" and the war in Iraq) those fears were probably groundless until
2016 ---

Yes -- TRUMP is different --- but there is only a SEGMENT of the ruling
class that is against him -- plenty are ready to publicly support him if
the "wrong" Democrat gets nominated --- after all, he gave them
deregulation, tax cuts and a right wing Judiciary to maintain the current
version of neo-liberalism without worry that an angry electorate will vote
them out ....

Plenty of industrialists and bankers made their peace with Hitler -- just
as their Italian counterparts made peace with Mussolini ....

To the extent that the ruling class is split, we have a chance for a
coalition broad enough to beat Trump ....

That's why I support Bernie's promise to support whoever the DEMS nominate
--- and will figtht like a tiger for him (or Warren) against ruling class
betrayal if one of them surprises us and gets the nomination ...


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