[Marxism] The Party's Over: Bernie?s Last Dance With the Dems

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sun Feb 2 22:48:45 MST 2020

I do not understand why people, such as many in the CPUSA, keep suggesting
that Warren is "anti-capitalist".  Her record shows different as someone who
supported every military budget and war.  She is just a lying politician - and
with her long years of activism as a reactionary in Oklahoma, the CPUSA crowd
is now supportive of bourgeois feminists, as militarists such as Hillary Clinton
and now Elizabeth Warren. Any corporate  democrat will do for them?

And what is outrageous when there is an actual social democrat as Bernie Sanders,
the CPUSA crowd instead of doing all they can to help Sanders, are suggesting:
"there is no real political differences between Warren and Sanders"

- that is b.s.

And for those sectarians on this list, who remind me of what Lenin wrote about
such, who sat round in comfort in the Paris cafe's, complaining that there should
be nothing done, until they approve of the political awareness of those in motion.

There are actually many people in motion supporting the Bernie Sanders Campaign
and not waiting for "approval" from those sitting and doing not much else than that!

Reality, that millions are supporting a Bernie Sanders for U. S. President Campaign
and raising Class Awareness. It does not fit political wishes of some who would
like to be leading themselves, as "so knowing all" - and you can ignore or pretend - but
it will not stop or change the events ahead.  You should instead as myself, get involved
in the largest election campaign promoting socialist views ever seen in our lifetimes.
Feel The Bern and stop abstaining, to only help the opposition to a president Sanders.

Who benefits from that?  Not the world's working class - and that seems why you
should be supporting Bernie NOW and we can see if obstacles and successes ahead
might get you even more involved and recognize why this is not "usual times and
just another usual U. S. election".


That's why I support Bernie's promise to support whoever the DEMS nominate
--- and will figtht like a tiger for him (or Warren) against ruling class
betrayal if one of them surprises us and gets the nomination ...


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