[Marxism] Bernie's last dance with the Dems

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Referring to the US economic blockade of Venezuela, John Reimann says: "of course I oppose it".  But he does not seem to give the task of opposing the blockade a high priority.  Denouncing Maduro seems more important.

It is essential to educate the US working class about the crimes of US imperialism around the world.  Waging economic war against Venezuela one of those crimes.

I disagree with John's assertion that "the economic collapse started well before the US blockade".

It is true that there have been serious economic problems in Venezuela for a number of years, partly due to the government's mistakes.  But these problems became much more severe as the US economic warfare against Venezuela intensified.

The inability to obtain spare parts for equipment used in a wide range of industries including oil, road transport and fishing would have created severe problems for any government, no matter how competent.

Cuba had the Soviet Union to help it survive the US economic blockade during its first 3 decades.  Putin's Russia is not an adequate substitute.

Opposing the economic warfare of the US against the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions is a crucial task for the US left.

Has Bernie Sanders said anything about the blockade of Venezuela?  Or the blockade of Cuba?

Chris Slee

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As far as the NYT article and Maduro:

In the first place, the economic collapse started well before the US
blockade. In the second place, the article shows the luxurious lifestyle of
the Bolibourgeoisie that is encouraged by the economic policies of Maduro.
Of course, it only shows part of those policies, not the wage cuts that
Maduro is responsible for. True, the article doesn't show Maduro for the
authoritarian that he is, but when you have such luxury amidst massive
poverty, and when you have massive government corruption as well as
economic policies that help drive both the poverty as well as the wealth of
the bolibourgeoisie, you would have to have authoritarianism.

As far as opposing the US blockade - of course I oppose it, but my comment
was in response to what Kavanagh wrote, and his view is the common one on
the left - blind support for Maduro. We should contrast that approach to
that of Trotsky, who always opposed capitalist intervention into the Soviet
Union but didn't allow that opposition to stop him for one moment in
condemning the Stalinist bureaucracy. Unfortunately, all too much of the
left has abandoned that approach, and capitalism has not even been
overthrown in Venezuela! Instead, what we see is a repetition of the
approach of the supporters of Stalin - blind denial of what is really
happening in Venezuela.

John Reimann

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