[Marxism] I t?s Time for the Left to Build a Force Outside the Democratic Party

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 Teacher Strikes Boost Fight for Racial Justice in Schools

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> On 2/6/20 2:41 PM, John Reimann via Marxism wrote:
> > It was just last spring that hundreds of carpenters - mainly apprentices
> -
> > rallied against a sellout contract in New York. There was even a campaign
> > towards a wildcat strike (which didn't get off the ground). Prior to
> that,
> > thousands of construction workers actually shut down central streets in
> > Manhattan in protest against a major nonunion construction project.
> >
> > In 1999, 2,000 carpenters did go on a wildcat strike in the SF Bay Area.
> There are strikes and there are strikes. When these carpenters get the
> wage they rightfully deserve, they will go back to the atomized
> existence that characterizes all of the blue collar/factory workers in
> the USA. When I see carpenters showing up at protests against ICE or at
> a cops out of the subways protest under their own union banner, I'll sit
> up and pay attention.
> What are the teachers doing now who were on a wildcat strike that Eric
> Blanc wrote a book about? Any sign of them doing anything except going
> to work each day and then returning home to look after family affairs?
> I am afraid John is susceptible to what Freud called projection, even
> though I generally have little use for his theories. As a young college
> student, just like most people who hooked up with Labor Notes, et al,
> John was radicalized by the war in Vietnam, read Karl Marx, and
> concluded that only the working class can lead the USA to socialism.
> Unfortunately, most carpenters don't travel that road. Just go out to
> Queens or New Jersey and find a bar where they hang out after work. See
> if you can get them interested in helping to launch a new party of the
> working-class. Don't blame me if they look at you as if you have
> two-heads. Not to speak of losing some teeth.
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