[Marxism] Atus Mariqueo-Russell and Rupert Read: Fully automated luxury barbarism / Radical Philosophy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 10 06:53:36 MST 2020

Bastani’s book can be read symptomatically as typifying a particular 
wish-fulfilment-fantasy style of thinking, characteristic of our time – 
more science fiction than practical manifesto. But while he has 
correctly identified some of the problems of the present, Bastani’s 
vision of the future is ironically outmoded. A political vision that 
equates wellbeing with abundance needs to be retired, if intelligent 
life on this planet is to have any realistic chance of outlasting the 
ecological emergency. We urgently need to face the brutal reality that 
we are not flying out to the stars but heading towards ecological 
collapse. The only conceivable way to stave off disaster is to be free 
of outdated fantasies and to strive collectively to soften our 


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