[Marxism] How Bernie Sanders Became a Fighter for Palestine - Steve Salaita

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 10 10:35:19 MST 2020

Was Sanders fighting for Palestinian rights when he fondly recalled 
living on a kibbutz (in other words, a racialized settlement)?  When he 
voted in favor of a Senate resolution (introduced by Mitch McConnell) 
that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital?  When he yelled 
at constituents protesting the war crimes Israel was committing with 
weapons he voted to provide?  When he fired a campaign staffer for 
criticizing Netanyahu?  When he went on a Zionist diatribe in an 
interview with a Palestinian journalist?  When he blamed an Israeli 
massacre of 50 civilians on “Hamas”? When he suggested that Palestinian 
parents train their children to become suicide bombers?


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