[Marxism] Letters: Marx-Engels Correspondence 1865

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Feb 10 11:07:36 MST 2020

(I'm working on an article about Karl Marx and Project 1619 that will 
put this into context.)

Engels to Marx, July 15, 1865

Mr Johnson’s policy is less and less to my liking, too. Nigger[1]-hatred 
is coming out more and more violently, and he is relinquishing all his 
power vis-à-vis the old lords in the South. If this should continue, all 
the old secessionist scoundrels will be in Congress in Washington in 6 
months time. Without coloured suffrage nothing can be done, and Johnson 
is leaving it up to the defeated, the ex-slaveowners, to decide on that. 
It is absurd. Nevertheless, one must still reckon on things turning out 
differently from what these barons imagined. After all, the majority of 
them have been completely ruined and will be glad to sell land to 
immigrants and speculators from the North. The latter will arrive soon 
enough and make a good number of changes. I think the mean whites will 
gradually die out. Nothing more will become of this race; those who are 
left after 2 generations will merge with the immigrants to make a 
completely different race.

The niggers will probably turn into small squatters as in Jamaica. Thus 
ultimately the oligarchy will go to pot after all, but the process could 
be accomplished immediately at one fell swoop, whereas it is now being 
drawn out.


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